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Proper Draining System For Preventing Mold Growth

Posted on: January 20th, 2014 by Peter Sierck No Comments

Proper Drainage Systems

In theory, preventing mold growth inside one’s home is a fairly simple task to do.  Although there are a number of ways that water can seep into the comfort of your living space, rain gutters are often the source of the intrusion. It’s important to periodically check all gutters and clean out any debris that has acquired inside to allow for drainage. We see this all to often, where proper maintenance of the tracks has been kept clear and the water makes its way out of the gutters and away from your walls…or does it? Often times, water is successfully directed away from the house but lacks the proper drainage nearby. If the rain-water lacks a drain in close proximity, it can often pool together and head back towards the exterior walls of your home. Gravity often redirects the water right  from where it came from. Be sure to not only keep the tracks of your gutters clear of any debris but also ensure that the water expelled is properly drained and not pooling against the exterior walls of what we hope is your mold-free home.




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