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Drainage System May Cause Water Damage & Mold Growth Too

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Peter Sierck No Comments

In a previous blog, I wrote about how sprinkler systems can cause mold to grow inside our buildings. But the drainage system, or lack of a drainage system, can be a just as big of a mold growth problem as sprinkler systems!

Do your drains look like these?  


If you had to answer yes, they need some serious maintenance! You may already have a mold problem brewing!

If this is already your situation, we can help! Give Environmental Testing & Technology (ET&T) a call at 760-424-2259 or email us at for a free phone consultation.

A key part of our mold and moisture inspection is the visual inspection outdoors to check on the exterior walls.  In addition to plugged and damaged drains like the ones in the photos above we also look for:

  • Planters or planter boxes right up against the side of the building.
  • Puddles from watering for too long or too quickly. The ground or drainage system just can’t handle that much water at one time.
  • The ground slopes towards the building instead away from the building and creates puddles of standing water.
  • Moss or algae growth near the exterior walls.
  • Worst of all, No drainage system at all!

These photos show a wet patio can lead to a wet wall inside the home.

Even though we think of the walls as being a barrier from the outside, they can still absorb water. Once the outside walls get wet and stay wet for some time, the indoor walls get wet also. Sometimes there is a damp musty smell inside but you can’t figure out why it would smell damp in that area. We usually expect the dampness to be from plumbing, but the dampness might be from outside!  This may lead to mold growing inside the walls affecting your indoor air quality.

One of the many services ET&T offers is a mold prevention plan specific to your property’s needs where we address preventing water damage from sprinkler and drainage issues.

For a free phone consultation call Environmental Testing & Technology (ET&T) at 760-424-2259 or email us at to see if you need a mold inspection or a mold prevention plan prepared.

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