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10 Signs Why You May Need Moisture and Mold Testing

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by Peter Sierck No Comments

10 Signs Why You May Need Moisture and Mold Testing
If you notice any of these concerns where you live or work you might need a professional mold and moisture survey and possible mold testing.

1. You see mold growing inside your house or building.
Mold is everywhere in our environment, but it shouldn’t be growing inside our buildings. We can help you find out if what you think is mold really is mold, what type it is, and how to remove it safely. Some types of molds are known to have more of a health concern than others. Our reports can be taken to your health care professional if you have health concerns for the quality of your indoor air. If repairs are indicated our detailed reports include repair recommendations for a mold remediation contractor to follow.

2. You are buying or moving into a different house or building.
Buying a property is a huge investment and you don’t want to find out there is a mold and moisture problem after you have signed those escrow papers. If you are moving to a rental property you may have to sign a lease. ET&T can help you by doing a mold and moisture inspection before you commit yourself to the property.

3. You smell a musty or moldy odor that is stronger when the windows and doors have been closed.
Often you can smell the odor from mold before you can see it. The mold you see with your eye is made up of thousands of mold spores you can’t see without a microscope. Having a mold inspection done when you smell the odor and not waiting until you can see the mold is important. It may help to prevent some damage to your building and save you a lot of repair work.

4. You have had a water leak or the neighboring unit has had a water leak.
Mold needs a source of water or moisture in order to grow. If you have had a water leak for a few days that may be all the time it takes for mold to start growing. It is extremely important to get the water leak repaired as soon as possible and the building materials dried out rapidly and appropriately. ET&T can help you to assess the extent by moisture mapping to identify the wet areas and prescribe the necessary drying action. We can also document and verify your drying company has done the job right.

5. Your allergies or asthma are worse when you are inside.
This may be an indication that allergens are present. Mold is a common indoor allergen. You may have mold growing indoors that you can’t see or smell. In addition to ruling out mold, we can perform allergen testing for dust mites, cat and dog dander, mouse, rat and cockroach.

6. The building feels damp to you.
We can help you by identifying your moisture problems and recommend strategies to prevent mold growth from occurring.

7. You see condensation on the inside of your windows.
There is more than enough water in condensation to allow mold to grow indoors. Let us find out why you have condensation indoors and advise you in how to reduce the moisture levels inside your property.

8. Your pets have been sick.
Animals can be a good indicator of the indoor air quality for your property. Some animals health can be affected by mold, often sooner and as much or more than people.

9. Water from rain or sprinklers doesn’t drain away and puddles up against your walls.
Even though we think of the outer walls of our buildings as barriers this is not the case. When walls are continually dampened by sprinkler over spray or puddles, water can soak through the outer wall, into the wall cavity and eventually cause damage to the inside walls of our buildings.

10. You see mold growing on your furniture or on items in your closet.

Frequently, we find mold growing on the back of furniture that is pushed up against a wall. Closets are notorious for having mold problems because they often have a colder temperature and little ventilation. Closets are often against an outside wall, near plumbing or stuffed to the brim with possessions we rarely use or move around during cleaning.

If you have noticed any of the situations from this list, you may need to have moisture testing, a mold inspection or mold testing done. We are happy to discuss your concerns and circumstances to help you decide if you need our services or not. If you do need an inspection, we custom design an inspection plan to meet your specific testing needs. Contact Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc (ET&T) at (760) 804-9400 or send us an email at for a free phone consultation.



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