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Do You Have Water Damage of Mold Growing in Your Rancho Santa Fe California Property?

  1. Does your residence or estate have an odd or musty smell?
  2. Does your upholstered furniture, drapes or clothing seem damp?
  3. Does your home have a stagnant smell?
  4. Do your guests staying in the guest house think it feels damp, smells earthy or they are not feeling well?
  5. Are you questioning the Indoor Air Quality at your Rancho Santa Fe home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your Rancho Santa Fe estate probably needs a high quality mold inspection or indoor air quality investigation from a certified inspector experienced in the Rancho Santa Fe environment! The sooner the better because once mold starts to grow it will continue to grow and spread.

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rancho santa fe mold and moisture

ET&T has done many investigations in the Rancho Santa Fe area of California from mold and moisture investigations to real estate transfers to legal matters of construction defects to odor complaint investigations. We have prepared mold prevention plans and conducted many successful follow up inspections.

The Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego has large properties, often with guest houses and pool houses. Frequently these properties are not occupied year round and when the homeowner or their guests arrive, they are confronted with musty odors and maybe mold growth. Unoccupied guest houses tend to have musty odors because of the lack of heating and humidity control when they are not being used.
Mold needs water or moisture to grow and a water problem may have gone unnoticed for quite some time. The water problem may not have started inside the property, but from the outside. Many of these estates have lush landscaping and the irrigation and drainage systems may be allowing for sprinkler overspray or pooling of water against the building.

Sprinkler overspray can lead to mold growth inside your residence or buildings.

Rancho Santa Fe Mold and Water Damage

Prevention of water or moisture damage is the key to preventing mold growth. ET&T can conduct investigations, perform mold and moisture inspections, mold testing, indoor air quality testing, and prepare site-specific guidance to help with mold prevention efforts for your property. Proper maintenance both inside and outside the buildings with regular inspections should be performed to prevent coming home to a moldy house instead of a wonderful retreat.

ET&T’s Mold Inspection and Testing Services for Rancho Santa Fe California Include:

  • Real Estate transactions
  • Baseline mold surveys (inspections)
  • Clearance testing (post remediation verification or PRV)
  • Remediation work plans
  • Project monitoring
  • Moisture mapping
  • Mold prevention plans

ET&T’s comprehensive mold surveys are conducted by our mold inspectors, who are highly educated, trained, experienced and mold certified professionals. ET&T’s mold testing staff constantly maintains their mold certifications and continually enhances their mold education to supersede our competition and provide our customers excellent customer service with mold inspections second to none.

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