Mold Testing and Inspections San Diego
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Do You Think There is Mold Growing Inside Your San Diego House,
Condo or High Rise Building?

Mold Testing in San DiegoThese questions are guaranteed to help you find out!

  1. Is there a musty smell inside the building when it has been closed up for a while?
  2. Do your allergies get worse when you go inside the building?
  3. Have you or a neighboring unit had a water leak?
  4. Do things in your closet have a damp feel or smell odd?
  5. Do you see mold growing in your building or have a neighboring unit that had a mold problem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your property probably needs a thorough mold inspection from a certified mold inspector in San Diego! The sooner the better because the mold will continue to grow and spread if you don’t take action!

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San Diego Mold TestingEnvironmental Testing & Technology, Inc. (ET&T) specializes in mold testing for all types of buildings in San Diego California from studio apartments to homes to high rise residential and commercial buildings to medical offices and to hospitals.

A mold inspection is done for many reasons like the ones I asked you questions about earlier. Many of the questions have to do with water, this is because mold needs water or dampness to grow. Mold inspections and testing are also done for peace of mind that your home or workplace has good air quality. If you are buying or moving into a different home or building located in or near San Diego, we can help you find out if you need to be worried about mold and the air quality inside the building.

ET&T has extensively worked with a wide range of people as diverse as can be imagined; from college students to, home owners, tenants, home owners associations, attorneys, large building owners and government agencies. We are very familiar with the wide range of building locations from downtown high rise residences to buildings on the ocean bluffs.

ET&T has been working in the San Diego area since 1986 and was founded and incorporated in Encinitas California. We still maintain our corporate office there today.
Our goal is to achieve and maintain good air quality in your building.
We have also conducted odor testing, asbestos testing, lead testing, indoor air quality investigations, EMF and RF testing in San Diego.

For more information and a free phone consultation, give us a call at 760-804-9400 or send us an email at!

Mold Inspection in San DiegoET&T’s mold inspections prove if you have a mold problem or not without any bias. If you do have a mold problem, we can help you from start to finish and no project is too small or too big. We can write the repair instructions for the mold removal (mold remediation) company to follow and do follow up mold testing and inspections (called clearance or post remediation) to make sure the mold remediation company did their work right and got rid of the mold problem.

The clearance report is very important paperwork, it is your proof that the mold was removed properly. A clearly written report is worth it’s weight in gold! It is your proof you have taken care of the mold problem and provides not only peace of mind for you, your family, your tenants, your employees and if you ever want to sell your property it is your disclosure paperwork required by law.

Mold Inspection Services ET&T Offers for San Diego, California:

  • San Diego Mold InspectionReal Estate transactions
  • Baseline mold surveys (inspections)
  • Clearance testing (post remediation verification or PRV)
  • Repair Scope of Work
  • Project monitoring
  • Moisture mapping
  • Mold prevention plans

ET&T’s mold inspectors are highly educated, trained, experienced and mold certified professionals. ET&T’s mold testing staff maintains their mold certifications by taking continuing education courses to continually advance their mold education.

Call 760-804-9400 to speak with an Indoor Air Quality Expert at ET&T or send us an email at

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